cafe 290 first opened in the post world war II era here in manor (May-NEr) Texas.

When you dine at the cafe you are actually sitting in an army barracks

used during world war II. this particular  barracks was moved from camp swift outside of bastrop

to its current resting spot on East US  highway 290, during president eisenhauer’s  post wwii highway

construction initiatives.  cafe 290 was born!


it has been a center of this community ever since, hosting movie stars, ambassadors, presidents,

and a few farmers. Today, the tradition continues. At your cafe 290, the spirit of texas past lives on.

our food is influenced by our immigrant forefathers. influences include germanic, swedish, spanish,

mexican, english and french. texas cuisine has its roots in all of these cultures.


at cafe 290 AMerican Cafe, we value this heritage. in our kitchen, we cook from scratch, using whole, fresh ingredients. A real Diner with homestyle food.

we strive to be a link to the past by providing you the best of regional texas country cuisine.